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27 June 2012

New Day, New Week.

So Ambowife was away on the days off and I had some visiters from home do a sleep over before catching a plane this morning to Europe.
Youngest patient today 64 years.

79M - Regular dialysis transport.
85F - Medical appointment.
64F - CA patient who is vomiting after the lastest round of chemo and unable to get it under control.
74M - Fall at home and while would befefit from an Aged Care Assessment Review refused to come.
93M - Fell this morning but not found until early PM. Shoulder pain and cold, needs a more detailed assessment and did allow me to transport. Had a rib fracture, bleeding internally and needed a chest tube as well as investigation into prolonged bous of bradycardia that he didn't have while in my care.
86F - Sepsis, probable pneumonia.
71F - Hospital to Hospital transfer.
73M - With a scalp wound post fall but the fluctuating GCS and recall worried me.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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