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12 June 2012

New Roster.

Today is the start of a new nine week roster, I've taken a bit of a hit with the new roster with three shifts worked on the old one (day, day, night) one day off and the three more shifts (day, night, night) rather than carrying on with 4 on and 5 off as we do.
On the good side I have done this to help management with a hole and find myself working with two level two officers one on the 1st day and night and another of the 2nd day and night, so I know my partner for the whole roster.

67M - Renal pt for transport.
21F - FAS on way their way to an exam, crammed all night, took caffeine tablets and didn't have breakfast. Fine so you can have a syncope but don't make me carry you, your not dying.
21F - Small hospital to big hospital, nice young Miss who will forever look at high heel shoes differently after breaking her ankle last night in her Fav shoes.
37M - Lac to toe, dropped a glass table top on the floor and a piece cut his toe. Has now learnt that he doesn't do his own blood very well and that while there appears to be a lot of blood it does stop and clot in healthy persons. Put a clean dressing on it and left him to clean up.
87F - Hypertensive, 200 sys and a diastolic over 110 all the time, your coming with me to hospital.
39M - No puffer, asthmatic who while wasn't having an episode felt that a neb would see him through the night and so called. On welfare and knew that hospitals will supply a free puffer but didn't want to walk back in the shocking weather we've been having. OK my status as an emergency service is being abused with this job but asthma is a life threatening condition and if I can prevent an episode that's good but I ran lights and sirens to this. He was pleasant and thanked us saying he was getting some money tomorrow and would go buy a puffer from the chemist. Left at home.
82F - After hours Dr thought it was a TIA, looked more like 'your 82, it's foul weather today and you may have a bug', pt didn't want to go to hospital and as she was asymptomatic and the Hx had nothing to indicate a cerebral event and again I got the story of the expensive home visit after hours Dr spending less than ten minutes with patient and bumming them off to us and a hospital. We decided that she could stay at home in her own bed and rest and that either she or Hubby would ring us first if they felt anything amiss.
71M - With a shocking chest infection. It is the season for them,

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! Taz

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