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30 June 2012

The cold can't keep them away always!

It's either been cold or wet but the natives have to stur or suffer cabin fever if they don't go out to the city and pub, clubs and strip joints.

24F - Pregnant and today c/o chest pain that appears to be pleuritic in cause.
63M - Suffering a psychotic event and the Acute Care Team called us to attend and transport.
70M - IP who stepped of a bus and fell forward and head butted the pavement in front of a Dr from the ED who was one their way to night shift.
74F - Attending a large ethnic wedding and had been drinking and dancing and siffered a near syncope event. We had cleared the pt in no time at all but it took us ages to calm everyone else.
Police job, Domestic Dispute, cancelled on arrival.
25F - Abdo pain that she thought was from not eating,,, yeah I know what your thinking but until I'm authorised to refuse peoples demands to be transported to hospital and not have to defend myself from an often over zealous Standards and Conduct Unit transport them I must.
25F - ?# ankle, UTL
29M - Laceration to the face from a bar brawl, it needed stitches.
44M - Claimed chest pain, shame was we had seen him at hospital earlier, were aware that he had been cleared and discharged. We were also aware that he had got another crew to bring him back again later claiming chest pain because it was cold, dark and to far to the train station and got read the riot act by Triage. Denied chest pain and promised not to call again unless he was really sick or Police would be coming with us next time.
79M - Regular Dialysis.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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