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Oh, there you are!

17 June 2012

A new week.

And a busy one it will be too.
Some industrial action to help secure the Industrial Landscape for Paramedics here.
My first actual examination for this semester or Uni in between night shifts because that's just the way it worked out, so onto the work,

29F - Presented at the Police Station twice with odd behaviour and while not a physical danger to herself or others there was concern for her dignity and virtue.
92M - Needed a CT after a fall at a Rehab Hospital.
89F - CVA event.
40M - Facial injuries after assault.
89F - Had a syncope at an Organ Recital, stuff room and felt better but went home.
57M - Knee and hip pain after a fall yesterday??? WTF
84M - SOB

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Wade said...

good luck for the exam Taz. You have the same slot as me.