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Oh, there you are!

27 June 2012

A full day full of variety!

A bitterly cold start to the day but it soon warmed up, well with work that is,

19M - A sheet of plate glass fell on him (80kg) cervical neck spinal pain on a building site good fun. Safe extrication and treatment saw him discharged later in the day cleared of anything other than muscle pain.
73M - Biggest damn epistaxis I've ever seen, been going for over an hour, he's on blood thinners and I reckon 400mls of blood loss on scene that I saw!
82M - SOB.
55F - Bystander quick dialled Ambulance without telling the ?patient? she went back to her office building.
88M - Dizzy, no obvious cause.
18M - American Backpacker horsing around and lacerated his eyebrow. A steri strip or two go him patched up.
29M - Panic attack, resolved and left to go home.
66F - Fell on some bad paving and hurt her knee and ankle, no obvious injury but requesting transport.
Looking for someone in a wheelchair at a train station! Still don't know why but Police got there first and called us off UTL.
36M - Ascities.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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