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Oh, there you are!

12 June 2012

Last Night of the roster.

25M - Drunk at the train station and in no fit state to be catching public transport.
48F - PV haemorrhage at a medical centre and while we were there for her,
65M - Confused, normally a high functioning individual who had insight to his confusion. Here on a holiday and asymptomatic of fever or other indicators.
34F - In custody and complaining of a shoulder # from position when cuffed. Not clever enough to remember to restrict movement while I'm in the room and asking her to remove her jacket so there was no reason to transport because this person was going to gaol (jail).
36M - Anxiety post MVA, being a little bit of a princess. NO injury at all.
36M - PFO and not a pleasent fellow either.
34F - Oh, forgot to tell me this one same patient in custody Now pregnant! C/o abdo pain, shit my hands are really tied I have to transport now because I can't rule out obstetric or GI.
Assist with extrication.
57F - Morning syncope, flu like symptoms yesterday so that would explain it. She didn't want to go to hospital so I prescribed fluffy slippers, feet up and lots of TLC.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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