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13 March 2012

61M - Hx of Brain Tumour and Lung CA focal seizure activity witnessed when we arrived but developed to a generalised seizure of more than 5min. I got IV access and when there was no significant decrease after the 5min gave 2.5mg Midazolam diluted that assisted the bodies natural inhibitory function. Pt has been in good health, afebrile so cause internal.
39F - Abdo cramps.
2F - Brought in to an adults hospital post ? febrile convulsion we transferred to a Paeds Hospital.
24M - Cultural inability to tolerate western alcohol (now you know I'm pisses with this one). Do not spit, vomit, kick and abuse me and my ambulance blaming it on the booze when you only blow 0.076 on the breathalyser. That's two drinks over the limit on driving. There was a whole rant here but I can't print it.
18F - Who had paid for her own drinks all night and got back to the backpackers alright but then felt strange so her drinks must have been spiked and wanted us to check her out. Hello everyone, drink spikers have one agenda and it's not to pay money for drugs to make you feel funny after a night on the grog and your experience of intoxication at age 18 is not even a scratch on the 35 years of research I've done.
47F - Our Social Nuisance who has now been informed by Police that the next stunt she pulls will have her arrested.
62M - Liver pain, and probably septic as well.
23M - Got as far as the train station but was having a bad ride on the drugs he had willingly taken at a club and sort assistance. I'm fine with that he was kind of cute in the rabbit in the headlights way. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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