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Oh, there you are!

13 March 2012

It's stopped and there was even sun!

That was while I slept because we're into our night shifts.

90F - The local Cops had called us to come and assess this pt. She had called them but during their handling of that matter they were concerned by her train of thought and belief that there were secret doors and laser beams in the walls. This was one very well educated lady involved in the early development of research she says of diabetes and she knew her stuff alright. She did not present a danger to herself, others and on all other levels was a competent and capable person with a GCS=15. The marbles don't have to be stacked straight when your 90!
63M - Haemotemesis
18F - IP one of the most wasted I've seen in a while. Transport to the little hospital in town and got hold of her B/f who came to collect her. She'd been out with school friends and they called when she got maggoted, never thought to stop her getting like this in the first place.
20M - There is a music event on tomorrow and he and his brother have come to the Big smoke for it. Problem is he's peaked about 12 hrs too early. Didn't even register the big bore cannula for the anti-emetics and fluids.
59M - Wanted a Neb to relieve his SOB. Asthma like symptoms associated with anxiety and he has come out for the night with the wife without his puffer. I heard no wheeze, good colour and Sp02 was 100% but I'm not in his body so I gave him the neb and when it was finished they returned to their Motel room.
26M - Decreased LOC and suspecting GHB OD.
28F - Period pain but she has endometriosis and that makes it a whole different ball game to me.
22M - Straight up I asked him how many lines had he done. He was the perfect stereo-typical cocaine user tanned, bling, man scaped, clutching his crutch and twitchy. Couldn't remember the lines but estimated 2g of powder! F*^K Man no bloody wonder, tachy at 150 and it didn't look like it was coming down any time soon no other problems thankfully but he needs monitoring at least so got him to come with us.

An interesting night, never got near a computer to have a look at any of the Uni stuff for this week, I've only just finished the 1st weeks work and now it's the end of the 2nd I'll really need to buckle down on my days off and knock some of this over. Hello to any of the other 400+ students Australia wide who are doing either the Utas course or their Paramedic Conversion I'm hurting with the load too.  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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