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18 March 2012

I'm late!

We didn't finish last night on time, in fact rather than a 12hr shift it turned out to be 14.5hrs so I slept really well. Too well, I'm an hour late getting to work but seeing as I am usually very early it's more or less on time. But it's never right is it, you feel behind the Eight Ball all day.

23F - IP on a public bus and the driver can't wake her. Of course we did and worked out where she lived which was on our way to hospital if we were to take her there but it turned out that once woken although pissed she was competent so we dropped her at home.
Assist another car with extrication of their pt.
88F - SOB, she has COPD or emphysema so no surprise.
45M - The newest male public nuisance in the area. Been in with various crews three other times for drug abuse today alone. ODs in a public place, we get called and bring him in. He waits for an hour or so and leaves and does it all again.
?60M - Deceased in his car on the road. Looks like he just died, people do that.
26M - Abdo Pain, elected to see his own Dr.
21F - Abdo Pain, wanted to see hospital Dr.
47M - Suffered a seizure like event from the contact of Police handcuffs with his wrists. Then after letting my Padawan do the basics (after I told him what was going on) I then gave the pt some basic leading lines like 'this oxygen we've given you should have you waking up really soon', and the like but he decided that he wanted a little more attention so he got the sternal rub, lucky I was reaching around from behind because although he tried to take the stimulation, it won out and he threw a few well delivered punches to where he thought I was in front of him. Well now the gig's up and I let everyone know that he's been bunging it on the whole time and I want nothing to do with him.
Police arrest him on the original offence and we leave.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Lauren said...

I think it is pretty awesome you can take someone home. We can only take a patient to the ER, never to their home, unless of course we are assigned a facility to home transfer. I have been tempted several times but the repercussions of getting caught stops me. Its a huge no no, at least, in Florida.