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Oh, there you are!

12 March 2012

And the rain just keepts coming.

44M - The pt hadn't called someone thought they saw him fit and rang. He seemed terribly aware and asymptomatic.
35M - Motor Neuron Disease and sometimes needs help off the floor but was just about to cancel when we walked in having done it himself.
36F - Again someone thought they had fitted and rang an ambulance. Pt was ok and just resting.
45F - Flank radiating to groin pain. Renal Colic.
73F - Angioedema, from what she doesn't know with onset nearly 24 hrs ago.
44M - Detoxing from alcohol and mentioned that he had chest pain. Clinic have their procedures and I have to transport for a Dr's clearance letter.
91M - Off his food was the reason for transport on the nursing homes paperwork.
47F - Social nuisance, claims mental health issues, a different one, cunning like a fox if she recognises you she'll arch up to get Police involved. She has been fully assessed by a number of Pysh specialists and what she is after is permanent placement in a facility, to have three square meals a day, and no responsibility. Hasn't been around for a while but I've read three case sheets from other crews that have gone to her in the last couple of days. In one door at the hospital, gets told it's not on and leaves by the other door.       

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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