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05 March 2012

A quite night gave me time for other things.

A University has offered a conversion course for qualified paramedics with diploma or advanced diploma to work for a degree by distance education.
A group from my station have applied as have a lot of officers from other stations, the interest has been generated by the fact that for the first year at least they are waiving the fees, it's free.
They have a particular platform for delivering the program that requires adjustment of settings on even our clunky old work computers so I need to do them ASAP.

83F - Sat on the couch holding her hand while listening to her story of being assaulted by a rouge wheeelie bin in the street that knocked her to the ground. There are no injuries, no reason to take her to a hospital but she still needs my help now. We chat and engage, she's a bit of a flirt, so am I and bit by bit, little by little the frail, helpless ol' lady is replaced by a confident articulate senior citizen who now dashes around the home to get a photo to show me. My works done here, we'll leave soon.

52F - Post renal dialysis is weaker than normal, tachycardic, nauseous and has vomited and this is still at the dialysis center. They request transport.

18M - A good 50mm irregular shaped laceration in the area of his left eyebrow. He's had a previous sporting related lac at the same site and during a scuffle with some security guards a glancing blow has reopened it. It needs a lot of stitching to close this up. He's a good lad, drunk but not a social misfit and returns civility and respect I give him.

59M - Post ictal??? I think it was more of a bit of attention seeking.

63M - Abdo pain.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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