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Oh, there you are!

24 March 2012

Here I am!

Sorry, I've been trying to catch up on my reading for Uni (how you doin' Wade)
I don't know who thought that with full time real employment there was enough time left after basic living to attempt two Uni modules. So anyway I forgot to post, alright?

48M - Opiate OD, almost got him to come to hospital for observation, crews are reporting some really heavy gear on the streets knocking even our well managed users off their perch, but the little O2 and naloxone I gave him woke him up to much.
29M - With what sounds like gastro and with symptoms only for the last 6hrs was happy with being told he wasn't currently dying and that to follow some simple self management guidelines it will get better, Oh and a time scale to ring us back on if it didn't.
32M - Being a di&k with the Cops and they requested us to run an eye over him to see if it was anything other than behavioural. It wasn't he was just yanking their chains. Left with them.
76M - SOB and Vertigo, not obvious but transport for investigation. Released hours later with a clean bill of health.
Transport of a Psych pt from a clinic to hospital with a benzo OD but got called of for,
80F - Headache that was moving from one spot to another and then another and then another and yet another on her scalp. Stayed at home to see if the paracetamol I gave her worked first.
25M - Not really liking the consequences and tailend ride from his night of booze and bad cocaine while in the cells. Life not in danger cleared to be monitored by tthe Police.
55F - Epigastric pain,,, pancreas may be?
63F - It's pissing down now and she lost traction in the wet on her scooter, #clavicle.
44M - Hypothermic and decreased LOC, no response to naloxone, turns out to be benzos that he took during an all night session at the tattoo shop having ink.   

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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