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Oh, there you are!

27 March 2012

The textbook rode on the dashboard all day.

I have to come up with a better strategy for study while at work.

82M - The job came down as a stroke but that was just the N/h staff panicking. The is an issue with generalised mobility that we will transport for however.
59F - Transient absence episodes. May be cerebral may be behavioural too.
56F - Anxiety. Calmed and happy to stay at home now we have broken the cycle.
59F - Allergic reaction to unknown.
26M - Case worker and the Cops called, increased manifestation of his psychosis needing Tx.
?33M - Deceased in a house, drug related.
41M - And I can't read my own notes so I have no recall of what was wrong with him but it can't have been serious.
27M - Rode down the last 5 steps of some stairs on her Bum, not intentionally. Tourist who was worried that something may have been broken. Well padded spot I didn't think so and the x-ray agreed.
25M - Left arm numbness, transient. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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