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29 March 2012

Got my new bike back from service.

At two months it gets a free tighten and re-tune which it needed. Some of the gears were jumping and slow with changes as the cables had stretched. I have ridden just over 600km or 372ml in those two months and that's not including the 450 (280) I rode to and from work on the old bike.

It was time to get some more new gear too.
My helmet was ten years old and while never having sustained an impact or exposure to excessive heat had become worn out inside, I'd replace most of the lining so lets step up there $180.00 but I'm doing the mileage to warrant it. Another set of bib shorts and a matching top, they do make you more comfortable on a ride with better support and the quality material doesn't chafe and keeps you cool, there is and Australian Pro Cycling team for the first time on the world tour and will be at the Tour de France this year called Green Edge and the shop did me a deal on a set of theirs the helmet and a pair of new shoes so I better get out there on the days off and do some ridin'.

31F - Stepped on a soccer ball and landed on the outstretched arm. C/o elbow pain and unable to straighten very minor possible deformity that may only be swelling, needs an x-ray.
56M - Stepped on a knife and cut the bottom of his foot. Not a big one for me anyway but he just saw all these bloody foot prints everywhere he walked. Possible healing complications from where it is and that he's a diabetic, transported.
22M - Called to checkout the pt after he had been punched in the mouth. Haemorrhage had stopped, there was a lac inside and an ED would do nothing for it as the mouth heals very fast. Some precaution advise about TMJ complications or swelling and analgesia and off he went home.
3F - Country family in the big smoke for a concert and tried all the home remedies before ringing us. I gave a neb of bronchodilators but had to step it up to the adrenaline when the retractions increased en route and that fixed it.
21M - Trying to sleep across the road from a men's shelter. They called concerned for him, they're the one's who kicked him out for possible drug use in the toilet and he's just trying to sleep. I did talk to him and check basic obs and then gave him a blanket.
29M - To many Xanax make you fall asleep and on the footpath is not the place to do it peacefully 'cause I get called and come and stimulate you with sternal rubs and questions. Transported for no other reason than to remove from the public view. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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