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18 March 2012

I'm stuggling to walk.

My left hip and butt are so sore.
I thought it was a nice day and would go for a ride on the roadie out along one of our Freeways.
I was having such a good ride, it's just long uninterrupted sections on the shoulder of the road on the breakdown lane which is usually wider than a normal lane, yes it's littered with debris and there is heaps of traffic but they're not near you. I was averaging 40kph for a long time and I wondered if I was getting a double assist from the aerodynamics of the truck with a push of displaced air as they came up from behind and a suck forwards in the vortex as they went past?
So I kept on going and turned onto another Freeway and pretty soon saw that I had just under 50km clocked up and still had to get home. 90kmn (56 miles) I rode and am I paying for it now.

75M - Regular dialysis pt.
45F - Traumatic penetrating injury, severe hypovolaemia I estimated a litre under the pt alone and Police told me of a 'lots more' in the building. Scope and run, 5min on scene 6 in travel and she's in the hands of the Drs. She lived.
87F Immobility, ?UTI.
53M - Shoulder injury after a tumble down a stair.
35M - Requesting a de-contamination after someone spat on him.
70F - Rapid AF and Whooping cough.
43M Seizure from known trigger reading no other epilepsy Hx last event >2yrs ago.

I feel better riding home. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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