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27 March 2012

I'm trying to study at work.

It's not really working, Comms keep sending jobs down.

80F - A long Lie, she says she took a simple mechanical stumble around 2130 last night and whilst uninjured and able to move about she's unable to get up, I'm happy with the story and drop my suspicion index for any complications like crush injury or the like from compromised circulation. C/o Femoral pain so treat it like a NOF and then overcome the poor egress with a pt on a scoop stretcher. It got done pt was comfortable it just took a long time.
??M - Call was made from a public phone at a Bus Interchange and the notes state that the caller was rambling? We couldn't find anyone and the usually eagle eyed security hadn't seen a pt either, UTL.
?38M - Trying to sleep in the middle of the day on the ground next to a bus stop. IP who while agreeing to come with us (more to remove him from the critical eye of the public) to hospital changed his mind and was released near a park where, I embarrassed to say we don't think twice about a person sleeping under a tree at any time of the day because it is usually an IP sleeping it off. That may offend some of the sensitive people but that is the dirty ugly truth in a big city.
75F - Gastro and God love her she has tried for 4/7 to manage at home. Fluids IV even though she is able to tolerate oral it's not enough and her BP was dangerously low, something for the nausea and of we go and get an upgrade to Resus to commence treatment rather than waiting in line for a sub-acute bed like we do with the ones that ring after the first 4hrs of gastro and want the hospital.
56M - Metal health Hx and was feeling funny.
11/12M - Who whilst has had a very significant medical Hx in his short life has today had a floppy episode and held his breath for 10-20 seconds and scared the shit out of Mum and Dad. He looks fine to me but considering all his Hx and even though I think I can explain everything that they report we Tx for them.     

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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