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06 March 2012

I thought it would be quieter!

There is a Really Big Event in the city this weekend and I would have expected more to be conserving their energy for the big party and it's still pissing down and major flooding is happening in several states.

A man, slipped on some pavement in a busy area. Someone called the Police who passed it on to us and we couldn't find anyone, UTL.
51F - Felt unwell, what you would have to say as asymptomatic feeling off isn't a quantifiable symptom but the pt was hypertensive with a diastolic of over 100mmHg but did not want transport and opted to see her LMO which is her right. Pt autonomy.
70F - May have been tachycardic (100-110bpm) for a short time before we arrived, NESB so the daughter is on the phone to translate. All her obs were fine in fact they were great and as this was a one off and not witnessed by us and not really that concerning we asked the pt what they wanted to do and she decided that maybe they hadn't needed to call an emergency ambulance and would stay at home. I was fine with that. 
20M - It's raining Cats 'n Dogs and he's dodging traffic not at a pedestrian crossing but in the middle of the street and got clipped, very minor abrasion. Everyone has swapped details (the driver stopped) and Police were happy that no serious injury was sustained we all went our merry ways.
91F - Bradycardic, very weak didn't want to go to hospital but follows my suggestion that what I'm seeing on the ECG does need to be investigated tonight. Follow up was very brief, Kidney failure.
39F - Known pt with Mental Health issues has a current infection on her leg that isn't healing well and hurts so she stabbed herself in the tummy. Well that is over selling it really and I am aware of the unknown damage a blade can do on the other side of the dermis but for all my probing I don't think it had made it past the adipose tissue even.
Teenager sleeping in a fast food outlet. Still amused that this is an ambulance job, yep some people are a little sluggish to wake at the far end of a night out but she's with friends?? so the magic sternal rub woke her up just pretty after the more PC gentle shake and soft spoken word didn't. It has to be something more stimulating than the environment of a fast food outlet on one of the main party street at 4AM.
38M - Alleged overdose of GHB, he was on something but unsure as to what. He was straight enough to tell us he wanted to go to hospital and to stay awake and walk inside.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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