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29 February 2012

My 1st Fishing Lure Patient.

48M - With just that a large lure connected to the tri barbed hook that was embedded in his index finger. Being an experienced fisherman he had tried to pull it out but it was in too deep and the barb was doing it's job. Transport to the Hand hospital for removal.
54M - Quadriplegic who does not have complete paralysis who needed his legs straightened after an episode of cramping. His carer only comes during the day and we do the rest of the time.
26M - Claims to have taken Methamphetamines (very poor quality if he did) and is pinging, looks more like a three toed sloth. There is no real doubt that he has been doing illicit drugs but he has also been presenting by himself or with various crews during the night at hospitals and being a serial pest. This I don't know until I take him in and get a serve from triage.
31F - A localised reaction that may have been an envenomation from ??? a spider. No airway involvement and anti histamines not really working.
65M - Worker on a construction site, a piece of machinery rolled and he ran but something hit him on the head. That's the story from him, nobody saw it there was no LOC or other pain just a minor lac that would need closing and the Workcover paperwork completed by the Foreman.
89F - Heat Stress, the couple of GTN sprays she took for what sounded like a muscle twinge didn't help either. Cooling helped and she went on her way.
13M - Dislocated shoulder during school sports.
26M - Motor Scooter rider who went over the bonnet of a turning car, two grazes and that was it. Very lucky. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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