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Oh, there you are!

22 November 2012

A mixed lot

20M - Gastro like symptoms, a third party called and after some advice he opted to self manage at home.
45F - Sleeping in her BMW in between vomiting, I mean she was that pissed when we did get her to hospital she was incompetent to blow a reading on the breathalyser!
77M - Shoulder pain for thelast three days is keeping him awake.
24M - Febrile, he does have a significant Hx and has been trying to reduce the fever with medication administered correctly, but I can't explain why he or one of the three flatmates didn't drive to the hospital themselves in their flash cars.
22F - Crying, abnormal behaviour, really pissed and very annoying. 
80F - inside the Pub at 5AM preaching to the sinners at the bar, we convinced her to stop bothering the patrons and God together with a lift home.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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