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Oh, there you are!

17 November 2012

Nothing special really

78M - Chest pain, his angina playing up.
95M - Discharged to N/h.
40F - Well know to all tried to cut her throat but it's not suicide rather self harm, she never cuts deep unless its accidental or she slipped.
34M - OD, heroin, Narc'd him. First day out after 4mths Rehab!!
72M - N/h thinks he has a #Hip. I doubt it, more likely a sore one from the fall but he has full motion but they want it x-rayed now at 3AM.
34M - Tourist with Gastro, has already been in our hospital and discharged two days ago but it's returned with a vengeance.
78M - Dialysis regular.

Look at that, started and finished with the same aged patient!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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