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Oh, there you are!

10 November 2012

It's not always better to be older,

We dream of it when we're young but getting just old is a drag to most.

67M - Regular dialysis.
38F - With a non traumatic back pain, we got called off for,
96F - With everything failing and hurting.
28M - Alcohol seizures.
92F - May of had a faint in the dining room chair at the home but otherwise well and fit when we examined, so she didn't want to go to hospital and we didn't want to take her so she stayed.
87F - Dementia pt who wanders and had a fall and suffered and small lac to her head and family wanted her seen.
81F - Lung disease with exacerbation of SOB.

And that was all we did for the day.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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