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04 November 2012

Only two needed and deserved transport.

The others?

54F - Chronic alcoholic, currently intoxicated makes a comment about having a belly ache and a headache so then wants to go to hospital which as I have said before once they make that statement my hands are kind if tied. I give her some simple analgesia en route and she walks out of the waiting room. Why bother?
54F - Intoxicated in her motel room, this is what I read in-between the lines of their story. Had a meal across the road at the pub, had a few drinks and came back to the room. She's doing a little dance for him before they retire to the bedroom and slips and bangs her head on the coffee table. All innocent and it's just a scalp lac that is more embarrassing than dangerous.
21M - Birthday Boy won't remember tonight but before his mates take him home the pub security called us to give him the once over? Yep his pissed and they say he's taken a pill, he's had a chuck (normal) and they appear straight (not drug effected) and are stepping up to the plate to look after him, bloody good mates.
Your right boys take him away.
30M - Has taken usual meds that have an occasional side effect of a mild dystonic reaction of his eyes rolling up. Tonight it's lasting longer than before and becoming a little painful so he called us. I've got nothing so we transport. Having just left he rings his Mummy and she says come to my place because all they apparently do at hospital is give him some Valium and it stops. She lives in the next street, we drop him off because frankly he needs his Mummy more than us.
25M - Who security at the Pub where he was drinking, said was drunk (dah!) didn't want to wait so left. UTL
31F - If the equipment isn't yours DON'T TOUCH!

This image from the web is similar to her finger that got sliced by an oscillating fan she tried to move at a bar. It was a clean cut that took some of the bone too and was hanging on by just a strip on flesh.
25M - A multi-victim brawl on the street left this one with a # wrist, everyone else were just scraps and bruises
30M - Found in a back alley in the red light area refusing to give Police details of what happened. Again this is my take between the lines. Rather than pay for a short stay motel room (by the half hour) he wanders into the alley for a quick game of hide the sausage and gets robbed possibly by the prostitute judging by the relative minor nature of his injuries. He's fine just wants to get the hell out of here and forget the whole thing and make sure his girlfriend doesn't find out.
25M - Attention seeking self harmer who's playing games with the Cops and us, UTL.
45M - No officer he's not mental he's just pissed and angry and if he wants to sit but naked on the tiled bathroom floor of his hobo dive hotel and rant, I'm happy to leave him. In fact after I had shut the door and we were making our way door stairs I think I heard him go back to his room. See the audience had left.
25M - Yep officer this one is a Mental Health pt. Jayz (sorry if I got that wrong) the rapper leaves white minivans on the street with evil messages on them so the pt has to smash them up but Barack has told him that it's ok and he just wishes that Taylor Swift would understand that their relationship is over and they can only ever be friends and unless you get him onto these topics he is an intelligent high functioning individual. Scary how normal they can be. He was a violent threat to white minivans and possibly anyone he saw in them and I saw the destruction he had caused to the one up the road, that's why the cops were there in the first place.        

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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