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21 November 2012

NOFing to write about.

It'll become clearer as you read.
86F - Fell at home, has missed a few days of her Parkinsons meds and a little unsteady. Left at home, uninjured and family told to ensure the meds are taken.
57F - Anxiety attack. Everything checked out fine and is so often the case just by our very presence she felt well enough to stay at work.
91F - Mechanical fall on a carpeted floor with instant pain, shortening and external rotation. We know what that means! Confirmed NOF later that shift.
33M - Dislocated shoulder.
75M - CVA with near total left paralysis attempting to shift from chair to bed unaided landed on hip and complained of pain. Because of the paralysis the staff wanted him x-rayed as he was not able to move anyway and had altered sensory response from that leg. It wasn't.
69F - To palliative care.
56F - Well known Pt for whom I have a soft spot (we have the same birthday [month and day]) increasing psych problems because of necessary prescribed drugs.
36F - Cyclist who saw the car door open and stacked it by herself without hitting the car.
25M - Told us to FUCK OFF. Drowsy post heroin but obviously not that drowsy.
??M - Seen sleeping on the ground by a passer-by who thought they might be dead and called us rather than talk to them. We were told to fuck off again.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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