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Oh, there you are!

09 November 2012

Had to get one Psych job in.

But it took us until the last job of the day,

78M - Dialysis.
48F - Haematuria, called off for,
??M - Intoxicated and just lying on the footpath, got called off for,
52F - Airline staff member with some minor respiratory irritation.
71F - Peripheral Vascular Disease Hx and there is no blood in one of those feet when we arrived but en route we discovered that the occlusion was not total and with certain posture of the limb circulation would return.
60F - Minor posterior neck lacerations from a glass door shattering, very lucky lady. Nothing really that an A&E would do and she was totally capable of self management of the wounds.
49F - MS who just needed a hand.
??M - At a medical centre with what sounds like an inner ear complaint, we got called off for,
46F - C/o sciatic pain but also presenting as a septic pt.
47M - Wants to kill himself and lunges for a Police Officers weapon, twice. He is boozed up but there is more than the drink talking.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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