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Oh, there you are!

17 November 2012

The Police took care of most of them!

Well most of the calls came from them anyway.

40F - Anxious post smoking Weed, Da! She was slowing down anyway by the time we arrived, no need for a hospital you can stay with them.
37M - IP who was refusing to give details, you don't need a hospital either, a nice cell will bring those details out and this end this silly game.
70M - Yep we'll take him Officer, an IP I don't recognise.
71M - Chest pain, got enough Hx but I am leaning towards GORD that he also has a Hx of.
30M - Skyped a friend overseas and complained about how he felt and they rang our emergency number from off-shore!!!!!! I got dispatched anyway and god love my dispatcher they called the 'alleged' patient who didn't know we had been called and he got better real quick and cancelled us.
47F - Fell off some killer heels 6hrs earlier plastered and is now sobering up. Has walked on it, I can't see much swelling, there was good ROM, but her tiara is crooked but she wanted to go to hospital.
39F - Alleged assault with fist to her face, not a fricking mark, you can stay her with them and complete your statement.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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