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Oh, there you are!

05 November 2012

And in complete contrast,

The next night was quiet and had seemed to have done to the dogs!

Another of those 'I think they're unconscious but I'm not going to stay with them' calls and once again the unconscious have risen and departed,,,, like are no longer with us,,,, you know BUGGERED OFF!
68F - Who it seems knows that loud noise and crowds seem to make her nauseous/vomit and faint (you jump straight to inner ear don't you) so WTF is she doing out on a harbour cruise at night with lots of drunk party goers??? The Capt had to make an emergency docking and off load her after which she got better.
37M - Dog attack, yep it was too. wounds to upper arm, abdo and both legs. A second victim that we didn't transport had a small chunk out of her lower leg. After spending time with the owner who was the alleged victim the dog should have its stomach pumped and be given an award, some people should not breed, be in relationships with normal people or own pets.
71M - Depressed, it's sad really, he has an acquired brain injury, (>50yrs) and every day is harder and more lonely than the last and he has lost direction. Not something we can help at 2 AM on a weekend. He wanted help and all we could do was complete a job sheet and leave a note for his carer's to make a Dr's appointment and try and get him out some more.
27M - Behavioural and drug effected.
24F - Would make Mummy and Daddy proud, got drunk and vomited, can walk and did up two flights of stairs and does a very graceful impersonation of a dying swan and needs to go to hospital and couldn't be told reason.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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