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02 November 2012

Search your patients!

39F - Headache, tourist just in yesterday, not responsive to simple analgesia, transported to a little hospital close to the tour groups hotel. Transferred later to a big hospital for management for the aneurysm that had ruptured possibly due to the long haul flight.
93M - Fell while making his porridge. Didn't hurt himself and wanted a chat but we left him at home with the wife.
53F - Abdo pain.
57F - Fell down the front of a ladder giving herself a nasty lac anterior proximal tibia, fleshy spot on the top of the shin.
54F - Homicidal, yep that's not a typo!

From a GPs rooms after she became concerned by the pts conversation and had phoned the pts psychiatrist who agreed she should be scheduled and transported to hospital, she also informed the GP of the pts Hx of carrying knives. Pt told her she didn't have any on her,,, PATIENTS LIE! 1st rule of House.
When I asked her why she had it, quite calmly she told me to kill people, most likely former work mates, she was planning to go US Postal! Take care out there it can be very dangerous from the most unlikely places.
64F - Transfer hospital to hospital.
90M - Respiratory distress, his lungs are shot what more can I say, it's just a matter of time.
50M - Who stupidly took drugs and drove. The collision brought him to the attention of the Police and his decreased GCS got him tasked to us. While I can usually pick what they've taken I'm going to follow this one up because his cocktail wasn't clear. 

One last word on the safety issue people,
We are hyer-vigilant on the clear threats but the little 19F who had snorted half a pill and her friends couldn't handle so they called us and then she attacked and scratched my partners face wasn't seen as a threat to person. 
The seemingly normal 45F who has a long mental health Hx usually of self harm, who came to the Red Light area in which I do a lot of work armed with a 12" fillet knife hoping that someone dangerous here would kill her with it, looked and spoke like a suburban house wife.

Do you get my drift?

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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