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25 November 2012

Don't have a niffy title for this post.

77F - One of the nastiest skin tears I have ever seen the whole elbow basically.
62M - Yes he has a cardiac Hx but he is also a pest caller who has just returned to the area, Chest pain for the fourth transport in 24hrs.
??F - Seen by good Samaritan drunk in company of drunk males and holding her leg. Yes she was and they were also but her leg was not sore. We left them, all adults to party.
72M - Requesting Detox.
26M - British backpacker in Australia day one and already being carted to hospital pissed and making a public nuisance of himself.
50F - Heroin OD but not down enough to Narcan and to late to hope she'll walk it off so we had to Tx.
24M - Irish backpacker pissed, left by his mates and a tad angry about it. Tripped and scuffed his head.
88M - Increasing generalised mobility issues that he should of had resolved before discharging himself from hospital and then we wouldn't be carrying him out and back to hospital.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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