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18 November 2012

Two Police Jobs in the first hour,

That had us worried but the rest of the day proved satisfying.

??M x 3 for Decontamination post pepper spray, all refused.
23M - Severe anxiety that builds to a rage, came to have a talk to the Psych Team.
38F - Carers requesting an assessment of this chronic alcoholic but she doesn't want a bar (pardon the pun) of us.
48M - Abdo hernia complications.
8M - Collies #
51M - Fall from above 3m, major trauma criteria.
47M - Non traumatic back pain.
7M - stabbed himself, accidentally in the leg, it's going to need stitches too.

Gave back pain the full vial of Fentanyl 600mcg by IN.
# arm took some of the second vial I carry.
Hernia and Trauma fall took three vials of Morphine leaving me only two that I didn't need for the balance of the shift.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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