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29 November 2012

So many jobs and we missed the Big One.

Well the big one for this week anyway.
A construction site had an incident and we were about a km away and got diverted onto something lame.
What we did get during the shift was;

37M - Post Ictal, recovered well not needing hospital.
28M - IVDU with an infected injection site on his hand that has got infected and is one of the nastiest looking cellulitic limbs I've seen in a long time. Transfer to the hand hospital for specialist treatment and he left shortly there after to find a hit.
Construction site fire&*^%$%*&^%$$$$
46F - Abdo pain but there are a host of mental health issues happening as well.
32M - Came home pissed and their relationship is rocky and he shot his mouth off (remembering what they think are throw away remarks are phrases that we use to transport for Mental Health assessment), anywho after a nice chat I was happy not to transport him and damn sure he'll think before shooting his trap off next time.
45M - Dislocated shoulder, called off that for,
93F - Who was tired, the husband has been ill for several days and she has been having little sleep, he's gone to hospital this morning and her careers wanted some one to confirm that she was just tired. Who hires these people?
90F - Dementia sufferer who had said she was unwell to her son but denied it to me. All other obs were really good so between us we decided to leave her at home.
47M - Transfer from a small hospital (more like a clinic really) to a large hospital with a presentation of chest pain now resolved post nitrates etc.
61M - Keeps taking his BP every 5 min and it's getting higher. Never did get an answer as to why he was taking it, denied any symptoms appears to have a morbid fixation about it. Of course it wasn't high when I took it after talking calmly for 15 minutes but there was no talking him out of transport.
45M - Transfer to a Detox facility.
Paediatric transfer, diverted.
Unknown problem, diverted.
20F - abdo pain and spontaneous bleeding 3/52 post a planned termination.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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