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12 February 2012

Average Age 72 and a half.

88M - Assisted Living Facility, had a fall during the night and sustained a minor scalp wound. Staff had done an excellent job of cleaning and dressing but the family wanted an Ambulance to come and have a look. So we did and complimented the wound care and left the poor blighter to have his breakfast.
88F - Getting aggressive with staff at her Assisted Living Facility. In particular those of a darker skin tone as well as regressing to her native tongue, Russian. No diagnosis of Dementia and with me a uniformed adult male was pleasant. Not febrile but the was the odour of a UTI that was proven by the hospital.
75M - Fell forward on an escalator and got a few good scalp lacs that looked like he'd been clawed by a lion. Needed stitches.
82F - LLQ Abdo pain that her LMO wanted investigated.
72F - Who had a syncope after a very minor MVC and the responder thought should go to hospital. She was on her way home with fresh meat from the butcher and she is the sole carer for her invalid husband. There were no injuries, she just fainted. We dropped her off at home which was nearby.
34M - Smuggled grog into a men's shelter and got sh*tfaced! Dumb move, they have now black banned him and as they can't turf him out onto the road we have to collect him and take him to hospital to sober up.
69M - Fell backwards on an escalator and apart from chewing holes in the seat of his pants didn't injure him but he wanted transport to have his Parkinson's checked. At 7PM he went straight to the waiting room for a long wait.

I've been asked why I call some of my partners Padawan's.
As everyone would know Padawan is Jedi for learner.
I don't like the way some people say 'Probie' and as I mentor the trainees I get in the light and the force they have to be Padawan's.

Scary in my world?

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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