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07 February 2012

It's not a contest Anonymous

 Anonymous wrote the following,

So you sign off see you at the big one, just wondering when that was? My last shift on a rural station, industrial accident crane fell on a pt, High speed MVA, and gun shot wound to chest. Don’t judge us based on the number of jobs we do, we just don’t do the sh*t in between.

In my Ambulance Service it is a common farewell to fellow officers indicating that we generally operate as individual units and the only time we come together is at a major incident.

Great work Anon, but you sound a little tense by your choice of words and syntax, aggressive even.
It should be very clear to a Paramedic that much of my work is Low Acuity, to my patient it is rightly or wrongly important, even urgent.

So lets get the rules straight,

My blog is not a Pissing Contest!
My blog is where I choose to write about my day and the interesting characters I meet!
My blog is open for you to read BUT you don't have to!
My Blog is an open constructive and positive environment!
DON'T come here and hide behind Anonymous, put your name on it!
Write your own Blog and send me a link, I'll follow it!
Don't Criticise me!

As Bill S Preston Esq and Ted "Theodore" Logan are apt to say

Be Excellent to each other! (Bill & Ted's Excellent Journey)

See you at the big One.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

woah settle down, I didnt come on here to critise any one, mearly was commenting on the sarcastic mention that a fellow officer was moving to a rural station "where they do as many cases in a month as we do in a shift." by their own choice.

I didn't say that any patient was more or less important, just that we do still actually work out here.