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20 February 2012

International Pts today.

84M - American with APO/chest infection, in fact his chest sounded that bad probably both. Didn't talk much to him, Da! but to his traveling companion and personal physician was very impressed with our kit and Rx.
68M - # wrist, confirmed by the Dr on the cruise boat he is traveling around the world on. Ortho consult.
25F - Way too much to drink on her Hen's night and her stomach is all spasmed out from vomiting. It was self inflicted but she had been trying to self manage for 7hrs before the Hubby to be called us because they're from out of town and didn't know where the hospitals were.
55M - A very lucky man. Sitting at the lights when (we believe) a BMW slammed into the back of his car at approx 60kph without braking because the drive was having a Hypo. Precaution on everything due to the mechanism but our guy was basically uninjured.
43M - Developmentally delayed pt who likes to travel on trains but can't find his way home. Knows the drill when lost approaches Police or Rail Cops and asks for an Ambulance to help him. Has a card with the name and details of the group home he lives in. Now they're an hour drive away, none of us are taking him home as that reduces the area responses so he'll have to go wait in the hospital waiting room. It has a TV, he's happy.
74F - It's a warm day and this pt got up after 20 minutes on a Bus and felt dizzy? Totally asymptomatic on our arrival and left after a basic exam to sit in a theatre and watch a show.
38M - Intellectual problems Hx this pt got angry with nobody it appears and smashed an empty bottle on his own forehead and then at hospital cut up proper with staff and other pts and was ejected. The head would heal but with him fussing with it it may take awhile and leave a minor blood trail.
21/12M - with Mum in the toy store and had a fall onto a display case. 10-15mm cut right in the middle of the forehead, no LOC, much more interested in Thomas the Tank than us. A good job for glue just we don't carry it. I think this was his first 'major' injury because Mum was a bit shocked still when we arrived. played happy all the way to the children's ED. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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