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27 February 2012

First Day of the new semester

 I'm having a crack at the degree again by distance education from UTAS. There are others from my station doing it also and the plan is to help each other out and conduct study groups to assist. Time will tell.

32F - Disorientated, there was something going on with this lady appears to normally be a high functioning individual but everything is a jumble for the last 48hrs and there is no alcohol or drugs involved.
19F - Had a dizzy spell on the train. Decided to have her Aunty collect her and take to a Dr, I'm Ok with that.
55M - Near syncope episode at work, shit BP, pale, clammy, vomits no chest pain and has had an artificial aortic valve op over 10yrs ago. Tx
81F - Had a minor fall at home and just needed a lift.
Naked female in carpark - As any serving Ambo will tell you, there is never good looking nude in our game! Thankfully Unable to locate
88F - Had a minor fall at home and just needed a lift also.
52M - Post ictal or something like it, he has a huge neuro Hx and his social worker had found him at home acting inappropriately.
21F - Just found out she's pregnant and the father wants to get ride of it but her family will support her decision and she doesn't know what to do and it's all to hard and she wants to just wind the clock back four weeks and to many pills are not the answer.
My son in in fact my stepson, his mother raised him as a single Mum we didn't become a family and live together until he was mid teens. It was hard for her but she would have never aborted him and that was her decision. Hopefully this young lady can make one that she can live with.  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Tas

Good to hear about the degree. See you on MyLO.
Should be good fun.