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13 February 2012

Warm night but I didn't get slammed with drunks.

First up was a call to our local Cop Shop, one of My Cops had been knocked out while making an arrest.
Full R1 response, no letting the New Padawan look up the address I'm telling him where to turn.
The pt (26F) had regained consciousness and continued to assist her partner with the arrest and was in the charge room doing the paperwork when we arrived.
Despite claiming to be OK and there's nothing wrong with me I put my foot down and told her it was not negotiable and her boss sealed the deal for me. Cleared several hours later after obs and examination she returned to the station and I believe driving a desk for the remainder of the shift.
21F - 4/7 fever, been taking anti-pyretic meds with little reduction of temp, has seen her LMO for the last two days and had IMI antibiotics and a script for orals and been taking them as well as had bloods taken but her B/f called because she was now displaying mild confusion. God love 'em, they've been doing everything they can to self manage and the illness has just got the better of them. On the face of it some might roll their eyes and shrug it off as just a flu but these young people were actively trying to heal themselves and I thought displaying an uncommon amount of common sense.
69F - Tourist who's ankles started to swell on the flight over 5 days ago and have been continuing since. No known cardiac issues, never had this before but kidney's maybe involved with a decreased output noted.
30F - Took a tumble down some stairs, not intoxicated (accidents do happen) no # just 2 little lacs and a magnificent contusion down the anterior aspect of her tibia. Doesn't need us as she has called it a night and is going home to put her leg up, take some simple analgesia and rest.
18F - Acknowledges being drunk, apologised, her friends apologised for not being able to physically manage her into a taxi and take her home. Polite, respectful and appreciating what we're doing.

I'm starting to think I've been transported to another dimension.

Major incident in a popular party precinct with an active Police operation that requires an ambulance on standby.
25F - Seen on CCTV to be in some trouble walking, police and us are responded. Just as we arrived she had a big magical vomit that usually fixes most drunks and waddles off and into a Taxi.
64M - To anyone else asymptomatic and even maybe to a less experienced paramedic too but to his partner and me having a hypo. Actually that makes me sound like a knob. I was told by his partner that he was an insulin dependent diabetic so I would have been looking for the signs but there weren't any (diaphoresis, slurred speech, irritation, aggression, lack of coordination, intoxicated like behaviour) but yet there was something that with the knowledge I had gleaned about these two, their lives and such in the last 30 seconds since walking into their home at 0400 in the morning that showed the pt to be off. BGL of 1.3. Food and time it was 6.4 when we left.
20M - Who admits to being intoxicated but managed to get home. Got angry with himself for getting this drunk and punched an unforgiving wall. Tx for an x-ray of what I have always called a Boxer's # but I am informed can be called a Dickhead # because that's who tends to punch a wall because they're trying to impress a chick or intimidate another male in the wee small hours of the morning. Nice guy, silly thing to do and he wasn't a dickhead.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up the Padawan thing. My overt dislike of star wars meant that it was not obvious to me.

Cannot stand people that treat students badly. We were all the one day!

Mentor and develop!!!!!