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10 February 2012

New Roster, New Partner

A Padawan in fact, not brand new I'll be his second mentor but older than some of my recent partners and we remember more common things like music or TV shows.

79M - Regular Dialysis Pt.
83M - Tumble at home and a few skin tears. I can dress them up OK but they will need changing and observation during the healing process. He already has a Community Home Nurse call in for another issue so I give them a call to discuss it and have his nurse there within 10 minutes (she was in the area). Reviews my work, is fine and helpful with accepting to take over the job and allows all of us Health Professionals to leave the pt at home and out of the hospital ED.
28F - Near Faint. Lots of stress from family issues, working long hours, not eating regularly, has run herself down. We have a good ol' chat about it and opt for a 'fix what can be fixed' self manage style starting with her having the rest of the day off.
56F - Found unresponsive in a shopping centre toilet, OD I thinks on the way in as most of us would and it was just not the opiate one I thought it would be. Alcohol (BAL 0.441 I'm told later) and possible Benzo's. Transport her and she didn't leave the ED for over 24hrs.
73M - Has had his larynx removed and has woken to find the plastic bit off the stoma gone. He believes he's inhaled it. Needs an x-ray.
22F - Tourist who went swimming at a beach and ended up in some difficulty and swallowed a a goodly amount. Attended the Life Guards on duty and had some O2 but was still also feeling SOB. Transport for observation.
84F - Syncope with chest pain of mild exertion,,,,, a cardiac review of this young lady might be in order as there is no Hx. 

And that's how we spent our first day of the new roster together.

See you at the big One and Be Excellent to Each Other


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Anonymous said...

Ok, Ill bite.... why do you call them Padawan's??