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Oh, there you are!

07 February 2012

Continuing on with Anonymous.

Anon's reply,

woah settle down, I didnt come on here to critise any one, mearly was commenting on the sarcastic mention that a fellow officer was moving to a rural station "where they do as many cases in a month as we do in a shift." by their own choice.

I didn't say that any patient was more or less important, just that we do still actually work out here.

And I acknowledge that and apologise to you if my post blasted you Anon.

I've had a few personal attacks and can be a little quick to jump to defensive prose and the written word can so often not truly represent the intent of the words even with good intent and punctuation.

Take this for instance,

My blog is not a Pissing Contest!
- It wouldn't be much of a contest anyway.
My blog is where I choose to write about my day and the interesting characters I meet!
- You regularly deride your 'interesting characters' for being soft/drunk etc. Also, the listing of every job you attend is boring, bombarding the reader with everything you've done in a day doesn't make compelling blogging. You could take a leaf out of Mr. Reynolds blog and focus on one emotional or interesting job and draw your reader in, or you could continue listing all the shit you attend in Sydney and driving away potential readers who ant to connect emotionally to a well written blog, not a list.
My blog is open for you to read BUT you don't have to!
- I won't continue to read this blog, as the owner seems to be a petulant little 3 year old who can't handle differing opinions to his own.
My Blog is an open constructive and positive environment!
-Your blog is public domain, and the public are not required to be positive about your daily list.
DON'T come here and hide behind Anonymous, put your name on it!
- as the owner of this blog you may set commenting so that only google accounts may comment. If you allow anonymity in your comments don't act like a bitch when that is exactly what you get.
"Don't Criticise me!"
- If you put yourself out in the public domain you cannot expect that you can say whatever you want and not receive any kind of criticism. More evidence of the petulant 3 year old you really are.

Finally: Job Volume is not > Job Quality. Sure you attend a lot of jobs, but how many of them require you to use your brain? Or adapt to a situation where you have major trauma and you are hours away from a hospital that has the facilities you need. Your job in the city is monotonous and boring. Just like your blog.

Ticked someone off and that's ok, they're allowed to be ticked off, it's a free world.

See you at the Big One and Be Excellent to each other!



Lauren said...

Yikes!! I go to Alabama for 2 days and Australia began a civil war! I must say I enjoy every aspect of your blog. It serves as a reminder that the same crapola happends everywhere. While my station is in a "tourist" area and winter months are "slower" & I dont run continuously like the city trucks, I do get some of the really cool stuff to keep me on my toes, occasionally... All in all, our days are the same. It's how the patient feels at the end of their trip that matters.
Keep it coming Taz!!

wannabeparamedic said...

Taz, I look forward to your updates everyday mate! I think it's a fantastic account of an everyday paramedic, without the glorification of the jobs you attend. Please keep up the great work!

K said...

I have been avidly reading (okay, maaaybe stalking) your blog for a few weeks now. As an ambo currently working from a small town depot I thoroughly enjoy your frequent updates about Paramedicine in the 'big smoke'. Your tales are interesting, thought provoking and sometimes downright comical. There will always be individuals there with nothing better to do than criticize, or as one of my recent patients would put it 'haters gon' hate'. Keep on keeping on.

And Taz, I would love to see you at 'the big one' one day. :P