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26 February 2012

Syncope and Fractures

That seemed to dominate the meager work tonight.
57M - Witnessed pre-syncope at a men's hostel and still pale when we arrived. They thought it may have been a seizure but described a perfect pre-syncope event and the BP under 80sys helped. Basic Rx with posture and O2 for investigation.
60F - Suffered an episode of near to fainting but was all better when we arrived. Left at home as per her wish.
29F - Hx of Tachycardia and generalised weakness but so far it's idiopathic.
38M - Up a tall ladder on a job site and fell but caught his leg in the rungs and dislocated/fractured it before contact with the ground. Loads of analgesia before we could move without too much pain. While I'm not allowed to show you his x-ray even if he gave me permission, which he did but I declined, there are so many on the net I just looked through them till I found one the was almost a perfect match.

  There are all kinds of images must look there more often to see if there is an x-ray to demonstrate my posting.
52M - Who had fallen 5m wacking a concrete ledge on the way down. Good sized lac and it appeared depressed but it was the last job and I've been on days off so never did get to follow that one up.

Looks like hot and wet weather coming in.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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