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Oh, there you are!

18 February 2012

Three days of riding and back to work.

1st Day - 60km
2nd Day - 50km
3rd Day - 50km
My arse is not staying sore as long and my shoulders and neck are likewise not hurting so long.
That's 400km since I got it and another 5 weeks before I take it in for it's first service.

So I've turned out pretty sweet for my first day, rode the old bike in to work and feeling fine.

73M - Hosp to Hosp transfer.
61M - Tourist who felt really unwell but by the time arrive to discuss transport he preferred to self manage.
Pedestrian V Car, we got the make model and registration of the car and a description of the victim but couldn't find him anywhere.
??M - Has a cut lip, is located at an establishment and decides to catch a taxi to hospital.
32M - Swollen Palatine Uvula, thinks it's from some mystery allergy. I ponder this, he attended a wedding reception last night got hammered, snored like a jackhammer and has suffered trauma instead?
40F - Tachycardia, not SVT just tachy at 140bpm for the whole time I'm there and for an hour or two after I leave. I saw her still in the ED 7hrs later and they had got her down to a resting 100 with drugs.
Called to a Blind Woman who had a fall in public but had got up and walked off claiming to be uninjured.
Good for her.
36M - Seizures, status, 6 in 20 minutes.
38M - Nausea and vomiting associated with head movement, no prizes the inner ear.
26M - Massive brawl that he copped a kick to the head, approx a minute LOC, # Zygoma and significant lac to the forehead. Mass casualty incident that we arrived at first, Padawan got to see the difficulty of field triage and moving to the next pt without stopping to Rx the 1st you find.

Good day. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!



futureambo said...

Hi Taz, Just a quick question. As a paramedic student in Melbourne, we haven't as yet done "mass casualties", but I would have thought that you would do a quick assessment of each pt. and then go back and treat the worst one first?

Future Ambo

TAZ THE AMBO said...

Hi Futureambo, that's pretty much it except in the field and with more pts than resources resuscitation is not commenced. If after a simple opening of the airway the pt is not breathing they're dead (a white toe tag) and you move on to the next.
Something not common to Australian Ambos thankfully.

futureambo said...

Hi Taz, Thanks for the feed back. In Victoria the colours are black (for dead) followed by red, yellow and then green.

TAZ THE AMBO said...

White with a black border?
Green Walking wounded,
Orange or Yellow serious but not life threatening and Red for Life threatening.

futureambo said...

Red, Top priority, pts. requiring imediate care.
Yellow. Second priority, pts that will survive a delay in treatment commencement
Green. Third priority. Walking wounded.
Black no borders that I know of.