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04 February 2012

Partner still sick.

So worked with an officer who will be leaving the city for a rural posting (her choice) in a month where they do as many cases in a month as we do in a shift.
01F - Single responded to this to assess and report on transport. Has had a fall each of the last two days with an ED presentation and cleared/discharge. Woke this AM with a vomit followed by a significant epistaxis now responding normally. Tx in the family car (normal environment and they have a capsule) crew followed.
36M - Slipped in the rain going down on one knee. Very painful and doesn't look like a patella injury such as dislocation turns out it was #.
26F - Back pain with a very significant Hx including surgery.
74M - Vertigo and nausea, provisional diagnosis an inner ear disturbance that had also been suggested by his LMO and he was waiting a review by an ENT specialist. I can only help with the nausea the ED will do the rest.
75F - Psychiatric transfer from a little hospital to a bigger one.
28M - A psychotic, paranoid with extreme religious overtones.
33F - Syncope.

See you at the big One. Taz

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