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22 February 2012

A night of mixed fortunes.

87F - C/o hip pain but without the usual #NOF tell tales. Treat it as such and take her in for an x-ray.
17M - Neck laceration post suicide attempt. We arrive just as the note from the Police does on the MDT telling us the pts Mum has driven him to hospital.
90F - Skin tears post mechanical fall. Cleaned and dressed them in preparation to leave her at home to see her LMO tomorrow but a few minor social and health issues have scared her and she requests Tx for assessment for possible placement in assisted care.
28F - Intoxicated Anxiety. Sad a young couple who are chronic alcoholics, bouncing off each other with anxiety issues that steadily build and build until they have talked themselves up into needing an Ambulance.
They got me, both of them knew me from random previous incidents (they look familiar but). Give them the good news that neither of them are going to die. Then separate them and we talk to them individually reassuring them and doing basic obs to confirm their ok and then bring them back into the same room and they're normal again and really sorry to have called and happy to stay where they are at home. I only wrote her up as he was just collateral.
31F - Sudden onset of severe headache not responding to recommended simple analgesia for the last 7hrs. No trauma, BP normal, no motor/sensory deficit, no Hx a very clear story of events leading up to presentation and had been doing everything you could ask of a pt to self manage. 7.5mg of Morphine got it down to a 2/10 pain from a 10/10.
63M - Going home by Air Ambulance post op.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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