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Oh, there you are!

04 February 2012

Last night of the Roster.

And I'm feeling a little of my age.
Last weekend we travelled to see a friend and attend her twins baby shower.
The men went to a nearby lake with the father and his brother with his ski boat and had a BBQ and rides on the ski biscuits. I've not done this before and after they couldn't make me fall out I retired undefeated and unknowingly very tended. My lower joints are stiff and sore, walking is a chore, strangely riding the bike isn't but that doesn't help when I'm at work.
Simple analgesia and hang in there until my next days off and rest up good.

30F - IP, emotional trigger leading to extreme intoxication.
39M - We are to call him Jesus of Nazareth! Need I go further.
16day old M - Hospital to hospital transfer for some surgery.
64M - Conjunctivitis, has seen his LMO but in his current drunken state believes the meds he started today should be doing more. He decided after a lengthy consultation that we were correct and he should stay at home.
Assist another crew.
32M - On the nod post opiate use and denies even though I found the whole paraphernalia. Needs to be watched.
31M - Same as his mate above.
18F - IP, claims she watched her drink be spiked and still drank it! Yep these are our future movers and shakers, the leaders of our community and country. God help us. BAL = 0.150
49M - Fever and sore throat, he decided to stay at home too.
21M - Alleged assault, yeah right and for no reason too? He did not wait in the hospital but left straight away.

See you at the big One. Taz

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Anonymous said...

So you sign off see you at the big one, just wondering when that was? My last shift on a rural station, industrial accident crane fell on a pt, High speed MVA, and gun shot wound to chest. Don’t judge us based on the number of jobs we do, we just don’t do the sh*t in between.