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Oh, there you are!

15 February 2012

The weather kept them at home.

All crews reported a quiet night.
88M - Hosp - Hosp transfer ICU to ICU stable GCS 15 pt.
53M - Has probably hit rock bottom of alcoholism, started drinking methylated spirits (metho).
30M - In Police custody and has a heavy heroin habit and is starting to hurt. It's 2AM, the hospital won't give him methadone or any opiate so until he gets really sick or into the Corrective Services system post court appearance food, hydration and see if they can turn down the cell lights to help him sleep.
7M - Croup also has Cerebral Palsy so there are added difficulties in managing the pt but it was bad enough for nebulised adrenaline and Mum held that mask there until I had to pull it away because the poor little tyke was going to bust a cork he was so upset, but hey it worked and he was without symptoms all the way to hospital.
??M - GOD, this was my first time meeting him, I've met several different persona's claiming to be Jesus but never GOD. His arguments were very good and in fact I believe he did have part of it right, all the major religions have a single central deity but what they fail to realise is that theirs is not better but more likely the same being as the other religions revere! Now don't go and flog me with religion, I'm not interested but he had some good points but was a tad delusional for his own good.
66F - Chest pain. atypical but no obvious changes on the ECG but not resolving either. A sensible mature woman who was concerned enough to do something out of the ordinary and call the ambulance, we transported to clear her mind.    

Do some riding on the days off.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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