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Oh, there you are!

01 February 2012

Partner was sick.

But I knew about this sick day.
So I worked with another peer from station whom I've had the pleasure of knowing since she came along on the induction ride-a-long shift many years ago and the first thing she got was a Cardiac Arrest in a public place.
Assist another crew to lift a pt up off the ground.
??M - Unconscious and dying! Talked to a couple of dudes walking away who said the pt got better and left.
69F - Slip in the rain and # Humerus.
53M - First ever seizure. Denies all probable triggers.
??M - Told someone at the Pub he had chest pain and they called us. He met us on the street having a smoke with a beer in his hand saying it was just reflux from drinking too quick and cancelled us.
25M - Turned up to detox with a BAL of 0.331 they were worried by his drowsiness and called us, he just got up and left which I was amazed he could!
19M - OD on Heroin who swore black and blue that he was only asleep when we chucked in the oral airway and bagged him up or jabbed him with some Naloxone and waited ten minutes for him to come up. He left the scene also.
84M - Septic somewhere! 

See you at the big One.


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