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08 November 2011

14 Jobs on the Data Terminal screen!

But only ten case sheets written, called off the others for either a closer crew or the caller cancelled

27F - In a motherly way and had to endure a 30 min bus ride standing all the way (where has chivalry gone) and had a faint. Declined transport.
59M - Just an odd dude that the Police wanted us to discover if he had any mental health issues. No just someone who is different.
?50M - Unconscious, maybe drugs pharmacology treatment not successful. Follow up was poly-pharmacy OD, amphetamines, opiates and alcohol. He was still in a higher care ward when I finished this block of shifts.
81M - Left chest pain from his Drs. Not cardiac related.
22F - ?Syncope, maybe pregnant. Took to hospital for a check up.
64M - Tachy at 180 in AF.
27M - Dislocated left shoulder and watched an ER Dr massage it back in, awesome.
32F - Heat stress/exhaustion. At home and understands self management so we left her.
55M - Has a broken arm that hasn't been put in a cast while waiting for the swelling to reduce. Couldn't remember how to put the sling on that had been provided. Called for an ambulance, neither of us have ever seen this sling set up but we figured it out and put it on the pt and wrote him some instructions for next time.
83M - Haematuria and urinary retention.

This was a draft post from the day I was told about the complaint about the blog. In hindsight I don't think that I'll review and repost the older posts 'cause that will just be a real pain in the arse for you readers, in particular those who follow and get updates on new posts.
They won't be new and I don't think there is any literary brilliance in these pages unlike some of the prose in Insomniac Medic's blog

See you at the big One.


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