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Oh, there you are!

27 November 2011

Still not much work!

What do you do if you've washed it, restocked it?

61M - IP, know to the staff of the hospital and myself, abusive usually but too far in the drink to string and coherent abuse yet.
55F - Minor scalp wound. Happy for her to continue home and self manage.
48M - Seizure or was it. A known sufferer of seizures but on first examination while I got the Midazolam drawn up I put it off to one side. It wasn't quite right for a purely epileptic seizure. Long story short he got some Midaz because there was something that looked like a seizure later and while I had a feeling, if it had been wrong and I hadn't given my drug where would have my duty of care been. I don't have the knowledge of a Dr or the imaging or other diagnostic aids available in a hospital with me seven flights up in the patients bedroom. Treat what I can, do no harm and ABC.
37M - Got a bystander to call and claim suicidal intent. Didn't like it much when we took him to the nearest hospital because he'd already been there and escorted of the site for abusing the staff after they didn't respond immediately to his demands for food and a bed. It was too late to call up the shelters and hostels and he didn't like that.

See you at the big One.


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