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18 November 2011

I went to the waiting room!

So I went for a ride today to enjoy the day and to stretch these recovering lungs and other body systems so I had a 30k or 20m ride yesterday and the plan was to increase that today.
At the 15k mark I had a stack, while going around a pedestrian walking as he should on the footpath I went on the grass and the difference between the grass and concrete as I tried to rejoin the pavement was missed judged and I fell to my left and the outstretched hand.
He helped me up and asked if I was alright, I said that I was and off he walked.
I tried to use my hand and couldn't and in fact felt some internal displacement and pain. I've never broken a bone and have only felt others on the job.
I walked for 10 minutes before thinking I really need to get home so I jumped on the bike and slowly and often painfully rode home. I knew I needed an x-ray by the time I had got there and the wife wasn't home so I grabbed some things after failing to contact her on her mobile and was about to drive myself (in my manual/stick shift) car when she called and said she would be here soon.

We went to our local A&E and used the public entrance and thank you to all my allied health professionals was seen very quickly. Diagnosis before was possible fracture of the 4th and 5th Metacarpals from swelling and pain, not something I wanted even if it is my non dominant hand.
X-ray was clear, thank the cycling gods, and I just have to get this swelling down in the next few days so I can return to work, don't want to miss something good!

The bike seems unscathed, I believe the wobble in the front wheel was more from one hand operation and the pain. I think that I had dislocated those bones and what I felt was me realigning them, also something I've never experienced before.

The wife gave me a silent blast for being a dumb arse in riding home but is also relieved that again this shows how careful and safe I ride when on the roads because all my accidents have been on footpaths or the like and around pedestrians.

As a present or reward to myself for giving up the fags I was going to be getting a new bike anyway!

See you at the big One.


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