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09 November 2011

Started as a day of Abnormal Behaviour!

37M - Two bottles of dexamphetamine's. Totally compliant but if he hadn't started to randomly shout gibberish at passers-by and totally pinging off the walls the Police wouldn't have noticed him or called me. He got a little fiesty in the ED and was given something strong to help him sleep. For his protection and that of staff and the public.
37F - Threatening everyone harm. None of the threats were believable but just wouldn't stop making them. It appeared to be an attention seeking action and it got attention.
45M - Huge anxiety attack, poor fellow very debilitating, a massive PTSD history that made this very nice quiet dude an emotional wreak. Physical violence is not the only way to harm others.
94M - To a Hospice.
53M - Acute back pain non traumatic.
59F - Chest pain. Not cardiac.
Baby fallen from knee height. No injuries apart from Mum's confidence. Apart from the actual birth experience this was possibly the most traumatic thing to have happened to this pt and it scared the shit out of them. I have found that the baby is usually very quiet and withdrawn post incident and before we arrive but if they're starting to return to some of their normal interaction (crying at the sight of me, all babies do?) movement and normal eye movement that the old idiom has some merit 'Babies do bounce'. Transport for observation was accepted and is always offered.

See you at the big One.


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