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10 November 2011

This is a 4 shift block.

With pressure of the blog meeting, the dental work, mother-in-law coming and a wedding to attend I didn't even post in draft any of the work from the last block.
I don't think there was anything really spectacular in it just run of the mill bread and butter stuff that is a normal shifts work for any Paramedic.

76F - Ataxia with increasing falls.
93F - SOB/Chest pain on walking on the flat.
43M - Hospital to Hospital transfer.
69M - Who's BP is normal now after he's taken his BP meds.
61F - Hx of atrial tachycardia and a 2/24 long episode today.
48F - SVT or ATach (there were some P waves) no Hx of either.
41M - Drug effected.
85F - Decreased mobility.
50M - Near syncope X 3.
72M - Gout and very painful crystal growths on finger knuckles.
81M - Urinary retention, known Hx of same.
Multiple Pts, 6 non transports and 1 for observation.
44M - Abdo pain.
53M - IP and depressed.
63M - IP unable to walk.
 35M - Vomiting.
19M - IP, wouldn't believe me that his current condition was alcohol based. When I was able to later tell him that he was 4 times over the legal limit to drive I think it was starting to sink in.
24F - Simple syncope at an event on a very warm evening. Declined transport.
??F - Unable to locate the pt.
19F - Abdo pain and diarrhoea for over 1/52.
19F - IP, parents coming to collect friends to look after her till they arrive.
64F - Can't get to sleep, could we check her BP, it was fine. Left at home.
23M - Minor abrasions from low speed motorbike V car. Left at scene.
60M - IP almost home. Was in his neighbours front yard. When this was figured out we knocked on his door and left him there.
86M - Hypo. Fixed and left with family at home.
26F - Abdo pain.
20F - IP Backpacker who also wouldn't believe me that alcohol was to blame for her condition (4x over). 
97M - #NOF.

And that was 48 hours worth of work for me and my partner.

See you at the big One.


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