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Oh, there you are!

20 November 2011

Managed to get to work in one piece.

The hand is still swollen and sore but usable.

25days M - Gave his parent a shock and they called us. All good and we transported for their peace of mind.
35F - Big night on the town with her G/f's and not much sleep and when they did wake up lets go and sit around a pools and soak up sun and have a fatigue/alcohol syncope looks like a seizure episode. Left in the care of the G/f"s and some more sleep and hydration.
89F - Expressive Dysphasia and aura, maybe a TIA resolving in front of me but needs to be followed up on.
53F - Minor head injury from a fall. Left in own care.
22M - IP, backpacker.
??F - passed out on a bus. Cops got there first and woke her up and will take her home.
75M - Fall resulting in a not major head lac.
21M - IP, woken by Police and still not retaining info at triage.
83M - Deceased.

See you at the big One.


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